Your team is mobile. Isn't it time you were too?

Create custom apps or share digital content right to your team's iOS devices using PencilCase's suite of tools.

Manage with PencilCase: Teams

Curate information and share instantly with the people you want to connect with using this mobile content management system. Instant mobile distribution of all your content, not just apps. PDFs, videos and presentations — PencilCase: Teams has you covered. Learn more...

 Made for Mac OS X Yosemite

Create with PencilCase: Studio

Create your own native apps for the iPhone or iPad with 100% less coding. Simply import your creative assets into PencilCase: Studio and add the functionality you expect to see in an app like behaviors, gestures, transitions and animations using the built-in tools. Learn more...

Share with PencilCase: Player

Get your PencilCase apps into the hands of your customers, clients and colleagues with one-tap publishing to PencilCase: Player. No hassles. No approval time. No barriers to entry.