16.09.2015 | Jamie ReidPencilCase demo: How to get your science lab onto an iPad

With school officially back in session, we thought a science lab tutorial would be the perfect demo project to whip up. Creating engaging mobile experiences for students has been made easy with PencilCase. Here’s just one example of how you can integrate iPads and beacons into the classroom.

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04.09.2015 | Mark NeufeldPump up your app downloads with mobile Facebook ads

As with any new product, the success of your app relies on first people knowing it exists, and then realizing they can’t live without it. Setting up a Facebook campaign is great way to increase brand awareness and drive app installs. Easy to create, you can get your marketing campaign up and running in no time at all.

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04.09.2015 | Orest NazarewyczHow to add the Facebook SDK to track app downloads

If you’re using Facebook mobile ads to increase awareness and engagement of your app, you’ll want to add the Facebook SDK to track installs and launches. This insight into how many people who click on your ad actually download it and use it, will help you optimize your ads so you can get the most from your budget.

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21.08.2015 | Jamie ReidApp previews: Stand out from the app crowd

Since launching with iOS 8 last year, app previews have been giving developers and marketers a competitive-edge in the App Store. These short 15 to 30 second videos are a great way to enhance your App Store product page while demonstrating the unique features, functionality and user interface of your app.

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07.08.2015 | Jamie ReidOne Robot, One Pencil, Three Go-To Behaviors

The Behaviors feature in PencilCase: Studio is one of the most powerful tools, allowing you to add the functionality and interactivity you would expect to see in an app using simple When and Then statements. With hundreds of potential combinations, it’s easy to overlook some of the options available at your fingertips.

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07.08.2015 | Maaike LambalgenQuick Tips: Copying and Pasting Behaviors

To save a bit of time when you have the same Behavior appearing on several screens, simply copy and paste the Behavior rather than creating it again and again from scratch. This time saving trick is super simple and helps ensure consistency throughout your app.

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24.07.2015 | Maaike LambalgenAdding voice overs in PencilCase

While it may appear complex, incorporating sound or a voice over into your PencilCase project is actually quite simple to execute. To demonstrate how easy it can be, we took Sue Lin to the next level by adding voice over. Better yet, we broke it down into easy-to-follow steps.

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24.07.2015 | Ryan DeCourceyMastering the Art of Creating App Icons

Your app icon is a major contributor to the overall look and feel of your brand, and a key component of your App Store optimization strategy. Taking the time to create a crisp, carefully crafted icon can go a long way in helping your app stand out.

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17.07.2015 | Maaike LambalgenHow to use the Timeline to make stunning animations

Did you know you can add slick animation features with PencilCase’s Timeline?

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03.07.2015 | Mark NeufeldPricing Your App: Trends & Strategy

While on the surface pricing a product or service may seem like a relatively easy task, it is one of the most complicated decisions that can be made about a product, or in this case an app. There are professionals who spend their entire careers dedicated to the science and psychology of pricing. It comes down to balancing the cost of the item, brand perception, customer needs, the competitive landscape… and the list goes on.

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The key to App Store discoverability

26.06.2015 | Mark Neufeld & Jamie ReidThe key to App Store discoverability

With 1.4 million apps in the App Store, app discoverability is one of the biggest challenges app makers face. When it comes down to it, no matter how good your app is, if people don’t know about it, it’s not going to succeed.

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Monetize Your App with Mobile Advertising

19.06.2015 | Jamie Reid & Mark NeufeldMonetizing your app: Sell that ad space

When it comes to monetizing your app, there’s a huge opportunity to maximize revenue by offering in-app ad space. In fact, Statista predicts mobile advertising worldwide spending in 2017 will reach $59.67 Billion USD.

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Using the Multi View and Accelerometer in PencilCase

12.06.2015 | Maaike LambalgenUsing the Multi View and Accelerometer in PencilCase

The adventures of Sue Lin continue!

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Tips and Tricks: Creating Enticing App Store Screenshots

05.06.2015 | Jamie ReidTips & Tricks: Creating Enticing App Store Screenshots

When it comes to submitting apps to the App Store, selecting the screenshots to showcase your app often comes as an afterthought. To the dismay of the marketers, this valuable tool is often overlooked, under utilized or just not thought out.

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Implementing particles and sound in Pencilcase

05.06.2015 | Maaike LambalgenImplementing particles and sound in PencilCase

In this week’s demo, we continue to follow the adventures of Sue Lin while creating an interactive storybook for the iPad.

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Creating an interactive book in PencilCase

29.05.2015 | Camille SikorskyCreating an interactive book in PencilCase

Reading books is a favorite past time for a lot of children, so what better way to enhance that experience than by making a book completely interactive? We started doing just that in PencilCase this week, and will continue to build out “Sue Lin and the Great Marshmallow Tom Foolery” over the coming weeks.

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How to build a recipe app

22.05.2015 | Monica SaromoMaking a foodie app in PencilCase

Gordon Ramsay and Jamie Oliver have an app. Now you can too! Our Foodies app is perfect for the budding culinary genius who is looking to share their kitchen creations.

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New feature, key value storage

15.05.2015 | Orest NazarewyczNew Feature: Key-Value Storage

Key-Value storage gives you the ability to save information locally on your device so it can be accessed at a later time. This can be anything from keeping your high score or tracking your water intake each day.

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Creating a news feed app with PencilCase

15.05.2015 | Maaike LambalgenCreating a news feed app with PencilCase

Imitation is the greatest form of flattery, so for this week’s demo we got inspired by Yahoo News Digest (2014 Apple Design Award winner) and Buzzfeed to create a news feed app template in PencilCase.

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Creating a native orientation app

08.05.2015 | Orest NazarewyczCreating an onboarding app with PencilCase

For this week’s demo, we took on the challenge of creating an orientation app that could be used in the field.

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Localization with PencilCase

01.05.2015 | Ryan HarrisonNew PencilCase Feature: Localization

With the ability to share your apps all over the world, you may want your app to support multiple languages. Making a new app for each language would be time consuming, which is why PencilCase now supports localization.

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Reimagining Museum Tours with PencilCase

01.05.2015 | Maaike LambalgenReimagining Museum Tours With PencilCase

For this week’s demo, we took on the challenge of reimagining museum tours by creating an app that incorporates 3D models, iBeacons, and interactive elements. The goal was to demonstrate how easy it is to create an engaging app that could replace paper maps or audio tours.

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Making an education app with PencilCase

24.04.2015 | Orest Nazarewycz and Maaike LambalgenMaking an education app with PencilCase

Finding new and interesting ways to teach concepts to children is always a challenge. However, with PencilCase, making creative, interactive education materials is much easier.

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The lethal pencils of flappy bot

17.04.2015 | Stephen GazzardThe Making of Flappy Bot: Lethal Pencils

What’s a game without a challenging obstacle? Like Flappy Bird had to dodge the pipes, our Flappy Bot has to dodge some lethal pencils. How did we make this happen? A bit of JavaScript, some math, and a lot of love from our Whens & Thens behavior system.

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The making of flappy bot

16.04.2015 | Stephen GazzardThe Making of Flappy Bot: Animations

Want to make your own Flappy Bot game or just check out how we put ours together? We’re happy to share our secrets, and our Flappy Bot assets are yours for the taking. Grab the project to see how everything was made in PencilCase: Studio, or download the assets to build the game from scratch.

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Flappy bot now in the app store

16.04.2015 | Jamie ReidPencilCase’s Flappy Bot available in the App Store

Since launching PencilCase, we’ve been asked a few times if it’s really possible to submit the apps created in PencilCase to the App Store. The answer is, of course, yes! But since we’re big believers of show don’t tell, we created our own Flappy Bot app and submitted it to the App Store. Eight days later, it’s passed Apple’s review and is now available as a free download.

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User Experience

25.03.2015 | Mike Greening and Kate JohnstonKeeping the user top of mind

Great designers know how important it is to design for the user. It’s not just about making beautiful apps; it’s about creating a quality experience the user wants.

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25.03.2015 | Jamie ReidATB Investor Services loves PencilCase

ATB Investor Services believes their clients deserve only the very best, and that includes how they share information with them. So, when it came to creating inviting, engaging and interactive sales tools for their clients, they were frustrated by the limitations of existing software.

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