Not at all. Our Supplies, Physics, and intuitive Whens & Thens behavior system allow you to add the functionality you expect to see in a native, iOS app without writing a single line of code.
Yes, you can use PencilCase: Studio to develop prototypes, but why make a prototype when you can make an app? Once your prototype is perfected, you can publish it to PencilCase: Player or the App Store.
Over 9000! And if you’re not familiar with the meme, let’s just say it’s basically unlimited. We only limit abuse to ensure the best experience.
The minimum supported system is a Macintosh computer with Core i7 processor, 4GB RAM, Intel HD3000 Graphics, and Mac OS X 10.10. To find out your exact system specification, you can click on the Apple  in the upper left corner and About This Mac.
PencilCase: Studio is set up to allow you to make apps for both the iPhone and iPad. The iPhone template was designed to support the iPhone 6+, 6 and 5, and the iPad template works on all screen sizes. This means you don’t have to deal with the complications that come with designing for drastically different screen sizes.
PencilCase supports the following file types: png, jpg, jpeg, wav, mov, mp4, dae.
We don’t like our mouse either, so we’ve incorporated a number of shortcuts to make creating an app a bit easier. Search in the help menu to discover shortcuts for common menu items. More keyboard support on the way.

We work hard to bring you the best and most useful Supplies that the market has to offer. The downside to this is, as with any talented being, these Supplies have over inflated senses of their own self worth and, in some cases, like to assert their importance at inopportune times.

We run weekly seminars on proper teamwork and are seeing some progress with some of these Supplies. For ease, we’ve grouped this for you: Group B likes to run right over Group A at every opportunity, but we are trying to teach them some manners.

Group A

  • Button
  • Color
  • Color Gradient
  • Text Label
  • Multi View
  • Scroll View
  • Camera and Photos
  • Force
  • Particle Effects

Group B

  • Text Box
  • Text Field
  • Text Input
  • Table
  • WebView
  • Switch
  • Slider
  • Shapes
  • Drawing and Signatures
It’s easy. Use the one-tap publishing in PencilCase: Studio to share instantly to the PencilCase: Player. Then distribute the Share Code to your customers, clients or employees. Or export your app as an Xcode project and submit it directly to the App Store.
If you haven’t already done so, download the free PencilCase: Player from the App Store onto your iOS device. Once installed, just type in your Share Code and your app should be up and running in no time.

We have a number of training tutorials available. If you can’t find what you’re looking for, email us at [email protected] We’re happy to help!

If you’re looking for more help than just getting unstuck, such as custom training, design support, development support, or user experience research, please check out the services we offer here.

You need to enroll in the Apple Developer Program. You can enroll as an individual, or as a company. When you enroll, there is a yearly fee of $99USD, and if you choose to distribute your app on the App Store, you will need to obtain a DUNS number.
A DUNS number is the industry standard in business credit reporting. It is required for submission to the App Store, as well as to register for the Apple Enterprise program. A DUNS number is free to obtain, unless you require it in under 30 days, in which case a nominal fee is charged.
Apple provides average review times, which can run anywhere from one to a few weeks. While you wait, you can publish instantly with our One-Tap Publishing to the PencilCase: Player.

Still stuck? Get in touch. We're here to help.

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