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See how easy it is to turn static designs into native iOS apps. Dive deeper into PencilCase: Studio, explore the built-in tools, and get familiar with one-tap publishing to PencilCase: Player.

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Download the creative assets and follow along as we make your first PencilCase app together. In this tutorial, we’ll cover all of the core features of PencilCase: Studio.

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Making a retail app with iBeacon integration.

Making an interactive presentation with Myo integration.

Making a weather app using the built-in JavaScript engine

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Not at all. Our Supplies, Physics, and intuitive Whens & Thens behavior system allow you to add the functionality you expect to see in a native, iOS app without writing a single line of code.
Yes, you can use PencilCase: Studio to develop prototypes, but why make a prototype when you can make an app? Once your prototype is perfected, you can publish it to PencilCase: Player or the App Store.
Over 9000! And if you’re not familiar with the meme, let’s just say it’s basically unlimited. We only limit abuse to ensure the best experience.
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